Privacy Statement

We take your privacy very seriously. We protect it.

We only need your contact info, when you purchase a Service or Software. We keep your Invoice Number, Phone Number and Email Address. We need this to contact you while we help you.
We never keep your credit card info, or any other financial information.
We do not rent, sell, nor share information about you with other people or companies.
We do not open or look at your documents, pictures, files, or email, or data.
If you ask us to fix an email or document problem, we ASK FIRST before opening any email or any document.

We keep everything private and fully confidential, never telling ANYONE, or ANYPLACE, or ANYTHING; about YOU, or about YOUR COMPUTER, or about YOUR FILES. ANY INFORMATION ABOUT YOU, or YOUR FAMILY or YOUR BELONGINGS, does not go past us.
We are cool and normal people; we do not judge. It's your life; your stuff.
We have our own lives to live, and for goodness SAKE, we are not like THEM!
Click HERE to see "THEM" in action.
For a good laugh, do a search for "Privacy Policy" on their site.. Hmm, I wonder if it covers video taping underage girls in their OWN bathroom?