Our guarantee

Our protection system works so well against malware that we guarantee that your computer will not get re-infected for as long as you use our service. If it does, we will remotely clean and reprotect it for FREE! We are the only company who offers this on the planet.

We also provide a back up service! Even if there is hardware problem, we can restore your computer right back to where it was before the problem started!

Limitations and conditions

Unless you buy the hardware or computer through us, we do not guarantee YOUR hardware nor the costs of hardware replacement.
Even though we have developed and install a good backup system, and every night it automatically backs up your critical system data and your selected data, and once a week, it prompts you for some very simple steps to ensure your data is safe, if for some UNLIKELY reason something goes wrong, or you forget to follow the easy steps; your data is your responsibility.
Yes, we do everything possible to avoid data loss due to hardware failure, but we will not be held responsible if you lose something.

If your computer gets re-infected, even though our “bullet proof” protection is second to NONE, it is still possible, and if something bad happened to your data, we will not be held responsible. The good part about our system is that we made a simple automated process to back up your computer’s data and settings in case of a hardware failure. This could also be handy in the unlikely event of malware causing data loss; we could just restore your critical system data from the backup.

Double protection.